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It is such an honor and blessing to work with so many wonderful merchants at our show, we appreciate every one of them!

No one does it better than Catherine Monceaux! Shabby Lane Shops events are simply the best! Top notch venues, the very best vendors, her incredible support and encouragement are second to none! Not to mention the hard work and effort put into promoting and advertising! We often have customers tell us they saw her on tv and came to shop for a specific item and found so much more, they just keep coming back!   Ramona - Flash & Trash and a Little Bit of Sass!




Hello! My name is Kim Watford with Scentsy Fragrance. I have been blessed to be a vendor with Shabby Lanes Shops! After participating with other shows and promoters, Catherine just stands out among them all! I have never met anyone that works as hard as she does to help others succeed. I have done the majority of her shows and I can tell you that I have done well with each one! I look forward to a long, successful, continued relationship with her and her events! Thank You for your dedication, determination and commitment to your vendors and events! Catherine, YOU ROCK!!!


This is Tanya Seltz, I am not a vendor...but an Event Planner/Promoter and helped with the Marketplace in Hendersonville for months. I think that what Catherine Monceaux is doing with the Shabby Lane Shopping Events is amazing. I applaud her for all her efforts that she does with GRACE. I have spoken to the vendors personally and they adore her. Great shows with class no other way to put it. Catherine is a GEM!








Working with Catherine and Shabby Lane Shopping Events was one of the best decisions I have made when it comes to selling. She takes a personal approach to helping you succeed and works very hard to market not only events but also your unique items. I can't sing her praises enough. I would be happy to talk with anyone who has questions, David - Boxed with Love -

This is Stephanie Skok with Charmed South, I am new to Shabby Lanes Shop Shows, but I have been a Nashville Steals client and promoter for quite some time. I did the Oct and Nov shows at the Factory in Franklin 2013 and they were my BEST shows yet... the marketing and advertising that went into these shows was outstanding. My sales boosted by 200% from those 2 shows. Catherine Monceaux does an outstanding job with hosting, promoting, and tailoring to her clients. I have done many different shows and venues since moving to TN a few years ago, BUT nothing has compared to the Shabby Lanes shows. I will ONLY do shows with Shabby Lanes from now on. Nashville Steals gives an opportunity for me to have my wreaths on TV! I have had several referrals from the tv segments.


Hi, This is Christie Vires with Bellaroma with Christie Vires and i have done a Vendor Event with Shabby Lane and she does great advertisement. I had great sales at her Vendor Event and parties booked. I look forward to many more Vendor Events with Shabby Lane.





Hi this is Racheal Morganfield with My Little Angels Boutique. I have done shows with shabby lane shops and I absolutely love them!!!I can not speak highly enough! My business has increased tremendously since I started working with shabby lane shops! I look forward to many more shows with shabby lane shops and Catherine Monceaux, Such a sweet sweet lady!


Hi this is Kathy Sipes with Lia Sophia and I have been to the show at he spring small business conference, cool springs mall and on the Nashville Steals program. I love working with Catherine Monceaux. She is always the professional and very detailed oriented. I have gotten both sales and recruit from these ventures.

Lia Sophia




Hi I am Michelle Sullivan with Flirty Giraffe. I have done shows with Catherine Monceaux and Shabby Lane Shops - Vendor Shows for a year now. She is one of the best show promoters I have seen in my 12 years of doing shows. She is always there for her vendors and never lets us down. She goes above and beyond for us anytime she can. She is such a hard working lady. She has helped my business along with everyone else that has come in contact with her and her shows. She is just a awesome person and promoter.


Hi I am Delisa Deming with Tupperware. I just recently started working with Catherine Monceaux & Shabby Lane Shops - Vendor Shows. My business exposure, networking opportunities, sales and recruiting opportunities are ALL benefiting! I couldn't be happier with a hard working, true professional and supportive promoter like Catherine!


 Hi—I am Ralph Dougherty with My wife and I just finished to Holiday Splendor at the Factory. This is our second show with Shabby Lanes Shopping events. Our experience with Catherine has been so good that we have joined Nashville Steals. She is very professional business person that is great in marketing the events for vendors to sell their products. I am so thankful that I found out about Shabby Lane Events through another vendor. Catherine is very prompt to answer any questions I had about upcoming events. I highly recommend Shabby Lane to any vendor that wants to increase sales and increase the branding of their product and company name : )


  Crystal McKinney - Bellaroma - I was very impressed with the Holiday Splendor at the factory event. The location chosen was beautiful, the vendors had great products and a BIG SHOUT OUT TO CATHERINE! Catherine your generosity for the food and snacks were a welcome change. I recommend that if you ever have the opportunity to participate in any of the Shabby Lane events to do so! Again, very impressed.




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